Covington Computers

photo of Shawn Shawn Covington operates Covington Computers to support their loyal customers with all their computer needs. He does everything from Networking to building custom computers for high powered gaming. Call to ask about your computer needs. Shawn can help!

Paul's photoPaul Covington started Covington Computers in October 1996. The computer service business grew and soon was keeping both Paul and Shawn very busy. The Father and Son team continues to provide their clients with quality computer services.



"Providing Quality Computer Support"

We provide personal computer service for our clients throughout the Pike's Peak Colorado Springs, CO area.

This is a short list of our services:

  • Using Dell Small Business computers for most applications
  • Custom computers for gaming and special needs
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs on all brands of computers
  • Laptop repair (based on availability of parts)
  • In-home service
  • Software installation
  • Tutoring services for software
  • Consulting on all computer issues
  • Networking & WiFi installation and repair (home or business)
  • Website Design, Hosting, and website maintenance
  • Website Domain Name Service
  • Website Support for those who want to do their own and need advice
  • Computer Data Backup through Carbonite (We are an authorized dealer)
  • AVG anti-virus software dealers

Mussings from Paul's Desk

I have retired for the third time! It is hard to believe but true. I am not leaving the computer friends I have made across the years but have added something I have always enjoyed to my list of things I am doing--I have returned to playing competitive CHESS!!! and am loving it. So, on a given Friday night you might stop by and learn about computers, get a chess lesson (or give one!) or just have a conversation about life. I look forward to meeting you.