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Custom verses Store Bought

We started building custom computers because they were the best value. The quality parts stood the test of time, outlasting and out performing their store bought competitors.

The mass producers had ups and downs, but about 2009 we did research and switched to using Dell Small Business Computers because the difference between the high quality custom computers verses the increased quality of the Dell Small Business computers was so small that the increased costs of the custom computer just wasn't best for our clients.

Do we still believe there is a place for a custom computer? Absolutely! When someone wants a high powered powerful computer for gaming only a custom computer will do that job.

Another situation that warrants a custom computer is an engineering workstation where lots of data is utilized to create two and three dimensional objects and large plans.

Which do you need? Talk with us. We'll help you pick the best computer for the tasks that you do. We'll explain the best options and why we recommend them. We'll also answer your questions and address your concerns. Our goal is simple, when you are happy with your computer experience you will tell others about our service and dedication.

About Covington Computers

Covington Computers was launched in October 1996 providing home computer service to the teachers and support staff of Cheyenne Mountain School District. The idea caught on and began to grow and grow. Shawn joined his Dad and learned how to build, troubleshoot and repair computers. Together they took on task after task learning and growing from solving each problem. It became the norm for them to get the toughest problems, many times after others had failed to repair the problem.

This business has grown because clients have told their relatives and friends about our dedication to solving problems and helping them get their jobs done.

The model for Covington Computers is simple: Service + Relationships = Business!

Shawn and I put our skills and knowledge to work for you to solve the problems you are having with your computer. We work hard to be successful and want the opportunity to help you be successful with your computering!

Thanks for letting me share our business story.


Paul Covington

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